Refaat Abo El-Fotouh & Co.

Ever since Pro Tec began its activity in 1990 under the leader ship of Eng. Refaat Abo El-Fotouh, by the name of “Al-Fotouh” back then at El-Herafieen industrial zone and going through Pro Tec in 1997 at El-Matariah and finally in our current establishment in 2005, and the company made sure that its products’ quality is its first priority which required an ongoing search for all what is new in the field through the developing of our equipment and methods of production and subsequently the way of design.

In the Beginning, Pro Tec depended on the conventional machines and the skilled manpower and with time it’s fully functioned with CNC machines and with the aid of the latest and most modern CAD/CAM programs for designing and manufacturing. Yet our journey for seeking what’s new and modern in order to achieve the highest quality of our products is still our first target.